Національний Університет Кораблебудування ім. адмірала Макарова

For many years now, we have been creating new knowledge and new relationships together, to which you and we are striving with all our being.

✊💪 Today you are at the front line with a gun in your hand and together with your hero nation you are fighting evil, regression, darkness, oppression and injustice. To us today, you are a symbol of relentless struggle, of defending the many years of our countries, of fighting for the restoration of historical justice, and trust us, even though we are physically far away, each of us is still with you day and night, every minute and second.

👥 Our friends, partners from Kiev, Odessa, Nikolayev, Chernigov, Ternopol, Cherkassy, dear Ukrainians, let us express our admiration and respect for your heroism. The heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people will go down in human history and will undoubtedly change its course.  Georgia was, is and will be your ally in the fight for independence and freedom!

✊ Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

🕊 Wishing you victory and peace!

📍 Rector, Professor, Master-Mariner Parmen Khvedelidze

📍 Head of Administration, Chancellor Lali Khvedelidze

📍 Staff of the Batumi Navigation Teaching University